VoxWave is a French development studio. They are the creators and developers of the first French Alter/Ego voicebank.



In a press release[1], VoxWave produced a survey for market research in the community. This helped choose the gender of what would have been the first French VOCALOID that would later become ALYS, its second language, its design style and more.

Key peopleEdit

VoxWave gathered together members from the French-speaking VOCALOID™ community so as to achieve a common goal: to develop, and to distribute, French-speaking VOCALOIDs™. The company, a SAS, is only made up of associates for now.[2]

Later on, they abandoned the idea of French VOCALOID and choose instead to make French voicebanks on other software.

Drak-pa Avatar Drak-Pa was VoxWave's founder and is the technical leader there. He was also in charge of creating the recording script for ALYS.[3] He created the first two Tibetan-speaking UTAUs from BSUP (Bödkay Shetang UTAU Project). Drak-pa left Voxwave for his studies.
Cyrielle Avatar Cyrielle is VoxWave's CEO and a member of staff.
TBK Avatar TBK (aka. TheBakaKitsune) is VoxWave's community manager. She does singing as a Youtaite (mezzo-soprano), cosplay, drawing, and translyrics (mostly in French). She also owns an UTAU named Guren Nataku.
Kyu Avatar YKyu is the sound technician and a member of staff.


  • ALYS, their first French vocal.
  • LEORA, their second French vocal.


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