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Voice providers are those who provide voice samples for a company. They provide a unique vocal for a voicebank.

Voice providers[]

Crusher.jpg Crusher-P is an American VOCALOID producer most known for her hit song, ECHO. She provided samples for Daisy's voicebank.
Daria.jpg DariaP is a French illustrator, composer, and VOCALOID user. She provided samples for NATA's voicebank.
Poucet.jpg Poucet is a French youtaite most known for her covers and her unique voice. She provided samples for ALYS' voicebank.
Example.jpg Nako09932683 provided samples for Tera Eleki's voicebank.
TBK.jpg TBK is best known as the community manager for VoxWave. She is, however, also a French youtaite. She provided samples for LEORA's voicebank.
Tora.jpg Tora Ouji is an American VOCALOID producer and programmed the first Alter/Ego, Daisy. He provided samples for Bones' voicebank.
Example.jpg Aśka provided samples for Marie Ork's voicebank



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