Tera Eleki (エレキテラ) was an upcoming Alter/Ego vocal. The voicebank development for this character has been halted.


A song was first uploaded onto Soundcloud on 7th September 2015. The vocal had been in development for a while and was still in the process of having faults removed such as hissing sounds.[1]

On September 9th 2016, in answer to a query on her, Tera was still in development. Her voice was in the process of having new recordings added to sweeten the results.[2]

On December 2016, it was confirmed in the comments of her Soundcloud demo that Tera was cancelled due to issues concerning quality.


Tera Eleki was a female Japanese vocal produced by Tora and was voiced by a native Japanese speaker. She was the second vocal ever revealed for the software. Once complete, she was intended to be offered for free as a download for the software.


Work in Progress


Work in Progress


Work in Progress

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エレキテラ/Tera Eleki - 愛 (Creep-P) SoundCloud


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