Illustrators bring a visual design to a voicebank. This page is for artists who provide art that is used in a official capacity by the developers.


TgVTvJT 400x400 Anded was commissioned for Marie Ork's Space and Clean voice design.
Dfs DarkFlameSquirrel was commissioned for Marie Ork's GROWL design.
EqTaYweA 400x400 Matt Gallais (aka. Pixoshiru) is known to draw the avatars for chipspeech. He was commissioned for Daisy design.
Monika Lucy Monika Lucy was commissioned for Marie Ork's alternative GROWL design.
Saphirya Saphirya was commissioned for ALYS and LEORA's design. Saphirya won a design contest for Alys and has joined the Voxwave team ever since.
Sleppu Sleppu was commissioned for the second iteration Bones's official art.
Tora Tora Ouji designed and drew the original illustration for Bones. Is also the developer and voice provider of Bones.
20264593 798754396963528 344900204681409948 n Uru was commissioned for NATA and VERA's design.



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Illustrators —  • Anded  • DarkFlameSquirrel  • Monika Lucy  • Pixoshiru  • Saphirya  • Sleppu  • Tora Ouji  • Uru  •

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